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Our PU-PVC synthetic leather is used in wide range of upholstery applications. It is used for home and office furniture, sofa, automotive seating, automotive interior parts such as door trimming, headlining, sunvisor and motorbike seat covers.

Our furniture and sofa leather products are indiscernible from genuine leather in terms of feel and appearance. We also have a soft and comfortable leather skin.

Our automotive seatcover leather are designed to meet stringent specifications and the aesthetics for automobile and motorbike. Combining with hard texture and advanced formulation, we created a good durability from the direct sun light and any weather condition.

We are also producing a kind of artificial leather which is suitable for handbags, purses and the like, both soft and hard quality. The softness of the leather is designed depend on the model of the bags. We make a fashionable bags leather that appropriate with today’s trend.
PT SIMNU manufactures PU-PVC synthetic leather for other industries such as shoes, sandals, jackets, gloves, book covers, shuttlecocks, etc. We produce a various embossed texture, thickness, print, surface and backing cloth leather, which depends on buyer’s request and demand. We make our products in many colors and superb quality.
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